We are a family owned and run business


At Pastoli's, family means everything to us. Our name originates from our loving, caring, wise great grandfather, Grandpa Pastoli who set an example of having respect for your neighbors, and going out of your way to help those in need, even strangers. The idea for an allergen-friendly pizzeria and restaurant came from Maryann, our founder. Raising three children, two gluten intolerant (one who is also lactose intolerant), and one normal child let her see into the difficult world of allergies. To help all those who cry out in hunger, Pastoli's is dedicated to being allergen-friendly.



100% Handmade

We use only the freshest ingredients, allergen friendly or not. The use of two different preparation areas allows us to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs. We toss our own flour, gluten free or not, and it's been bragged about all up and down the east coast.

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